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Banana Export from India to Iran

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What vitamin do bananas have?Banana production in the worldIndian banana productionBanana Export from IndiaBanana imports to IranThe price of banana in Iran
Banana Export from India

Bananas are one of the most favorite and widely cultivated fruit on earth, and a lot of tropical countries farm bananas on a commercial scale. There are also a lot of banana export from India to Iran, since India is one of the biggest producers of the fruit and has a unique quality.

Bananas are extremely healthy, popular, and delicious. They contain several essential nutrients like potassium and provide benefits for digestion, heart health and weight loss. In addition to being very nutritious, they also have a very high-energy snack, which can be useful for professional athletes or even in addition to daily diets.

Banana Export from India

What vitamin do bananas have?

Bananas can be considered a super fruit. Also and eating them could help lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of cancer and asthma. Bananas are rich in a mineral called potassium. Which can help maintain fluid levels in the body and regulates the movement of nutrients.

They also contain different levels of Vitamins C, A, B6, Manganese, Fiber, and Iron. High potassium intakes are also associated with:

  1. a reduced risk of stroke
  2. protection against loss of muscle mass
  3. preservation of bone mineral density
  4. reduction in the formation of kidney stones.

Bananas are consumed everywhere and there are a lot of banana export from India, as one of the biggest producers of the crop.

Banana Export from India

Banana production in the world

Bananas are grown in at least 107 countries and are ranked fourth among the world’s food crops after wheat, rice and corn. In 2016 alone, the world production of bananas and plantains was around 148 million tons led by India and China.

There are also more than 1 000 varieties of bananas produced and consumed locally in the world. But the most popular is the Cavendish variety. These types of bananas account for around 47 percent of the worldwide banana production.

Indian banana production

India is the number one producer of bananas in the world. Banana cultivation is one of the most popular agricultural practices in India and they produce 27.5 million tons every year. The climate in several states of the country is ideal for producing high quality bananas.

Also the bananas yield more products when the temperature and higher than 24 degrees. Which and that makes India the perfect place for them. There are also a lot of banana export from India to many countries all over the world.

Banana Export from India

Banana Export from India

The world’s banana trade is a multi-billion dollar industry, and bananas are an important part of the big producer companies like India. India is the biggest supplier of bananas in the West Asian countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iran.

They have also shown a 45% increase in the amounts of exports in the past five years. Which shows the rise in the popularity of the fruit. This fruit is available all year long in India and there are around 10-15 containers being shipped per week.

Banana imports to Iran

Iran is one of the biggest importer of bananas in the world. Iran imports an average of 700000 tons of bananas every year from different countries. Banana export from India is a big supplier of the Iranian banana markets, as well as imports from Philippines, Pakistan and south American countries.

This amount of banana imports accounts for 1.5% of the total volume of Iran’s imports. Also the amounts of imports decrease for around 30% in the past few years in Iran.

Banana Export from India

The price of banana in Iran

The retail prices of bananas in the Iranian markets varies based on a lot of factors like the exporting country, time of the year, and the fruits variety. Bananas are also imported to Iran all year long, and the production in the southern states, cannot meet the market’s demands.

The price of bananas from India and other Asian countries are usually lower because of the shorter distance and lower shipping costs. The price of imported South American bananas on the other hand, is higher. This is because of the famous brands of those bananas and also the long distance and huge transportation costs.


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