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Grapes importing countries from Iran

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Production of grape varieties in IranVitarad Export CompanyExport Grapes From IranGrapes importing countriesIranian Grape Prices
Grapes importing countries

Grapes are among the most common internationally popular fruits, and a lot of big grape producing countries, send their products to countries from all over the world. There are a lot of Grapes importing countries from Iran, as Iran is one of the biggest producers of the fruit in the world.

Grapes are extremely healthy fruit and besides being consumed fresh, are also turned into different side products like raisins. They come in a lot of different varieties with different colors, shapes, tastes and sizes from big to small.

They are also among the most heavily traded goods on the planet and there are many Grapes importing countries all over the world.

Grapes importing countries


Production of grape varieties in Iran

Grapes have been one of the products of Iranian farmers since thousands of years ago. And is still one of the biggest agricultural products of the country Iran. Officially, there are more than 400 different varieties of grapes cultivated in Iran. Most of these cultivars are local Iranian varieties. But there are also some of the more internationally popular grapes being cultivated in Iran for the purpose of the export.

Some of the most common varieties in Iran are red and Green seedless, Persian Pikami, Rish Baba, and Askari grapes. Hundreds of tons of Iranian grapes are also exported every year to around 70 Grapes importing countries in different continents.

Grapes importing countries


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Vitarad Export Company

Vitarad is one of the biggest and most famous Iranian fruit companies. The company trades many of the Iranian fruits over the international markets and also has grapes among its products. Every harvesting season, the company collects the finest Iranian grapes from organic farms.

Then they are sent to Grapes importing countries from all over the world. Vitarad both sells its products to foreign markets itself, or through other international fruit companies that are active worldwide. The grapes exported by this company are of the highest quality possible, and have always been popular with the customers.

Grapes importing countries


Export Grapes From Iran

The country of Iran is the biggest producer of grapes in the Middle East and one of the biggest in the world. By being the 8th biggest grape producer, Iran has more than 3.2 million tons of grapes every year. These grapes produced in over 300000 hectares of vineyards from all over the country.

The provinces of Kurdistan, Qazvin, North Khorasan and East and West Azerbaijan are the largest producers of grapes in Iran. These products exported to over 70 of the world’s Grapes importing countries. They are a big part of the country’s economy and there are plans to expand the production even more.

Grapes importing countries


Grapes importing countries

International trade of grapes has expanded over the past few decades and the global production has also been increasing recently. Grapes importing countries now have more options for their markets. This increase in the production and the exporters have also helped make the international price more affordable.

On the other hand, the international demands for the grapes are constantly increasing. More and more people are aware of the benefits of the grapes by every passing day.  Many of the world’s biggest fruit companies have added grapes to their products as a result of this big international interest.

Grapes importing countries


Iranian Grape Prices

Iran has a big share in the international grape market as one of its biggest producers in the world. Iran is able to satisfy its local markets needs every year and still send some products to many of the Grapes importing countries. Iranian grapes‘ prices are obviously lower in the local market and the producing cities. The most important factor in setting the price of the grapes on the foreign markets is the transportation costs.

Technological advancements have made the shipping processes much easier, faster and cheaper these days. But still, the further the importing country, the higher the shipping costs will be. The types of the grapes are also very important in setting the final retail and wholesale prices for the foreign markets.

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