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Price of Iranian yellow apple for export

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Yellow apple growing cities in iranIranian yellow appleYellow apple of padnaReview and review of Iranian Yellow AppleOne of the fruits of all seasons is appleYellow apple production in Iranian citiesThe benefits of yellow applesPacking apples in boxesPrices per ton of Iranian yellow appleExports of yellow apple from Iran
iranian yellow apple for export

Internet sites have provided access to the prices of iranian yellow apple for export today. These suppliers undermine the ability to supply the product at below-price prices and can sell good and high quality products inside and outside Iran. In different cities of Iran, different types of apples are produced and shipped to other cities.

Yellow apple growing cities in iran

In Iran, the cities of Orumiyeh, Maragheh, Damavand, Mianeh and Semirom are recognized as the areas of Iranian yellow apple for export growing. Annually a significant volume of The need for the apple export market is being met by farmers and gardeners in these areas.

In the country, the major purchases of yellow apples are made from these areas. Apples produced in different cities of Iran have high quality and their sales and sales are very high. The prices of yellow apples produced in different cities of Iran can be different. According to statistics obtained, the price of yellow apple has increased significantly due to the export of this product The market is consumed.

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Yellow apple growing cities in iran

Iranian yellow apple

Most of Iran’s neighboring countries are customers of Iranian yellow apple for export from Iran to their home countries. But Russia and Iraq are trading more volumes than other countries in the region, and their large fruit and vegetable fields have a good market for selling apples.

Yellow apple exports to Pakistan are also booming in Iran, with high profits. Apple is one of the fruits that are produced in Iran in large quantities And you can buy these apples from different centers It is possible to buy yellow apples online below market prices today. In Iran, more than 20% of horticultural products belong to apple fruit. Harvesting of Lebanese yellow apples as one of the seeds imported into the country has started and has a good market.

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Iranian yellow apple

Yellow apple of padna

Purchase of apples from Gardener as one of the top quality apples made possible through dealers. This apple is one of the products that in addition to the very high quality, has a perfect taste to buy. Choosing this apple is also one of the ideal choices for all buyers of premium apples in the country.

Buying Iranian yellow apple for export nowadays, like red apples, has a strong fever, which has a good sales market. Choosing an apple harvest season is not a varied choice and falls within a specific harvesting framework. Apples are among the products that will have special consumer markets in addition to the shopping markets. Iran is one of the major apple producing countries which can also be an effective exporter. Iranian yellow apple has a great variety in the country.

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Yellow apple of padna

Review and review of Iranian Yellow Apple

In a container of fruit must be apples, if not something is low. The apple is not just a fruit but a symbol of ancient world literature and culture, from Adam and Eve to Newton and the Persian fairy tales and tablecloths. Many experts consider apples to be a symbol of health, and this is not a bad idea.

Iranian yellow apple for export are in high demand. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) table, an apple weighing 242 g weighs 130 kcal, 260 mg potassium, 34 g carbohydrate, 5 g dietary fiber, 25 g sugar, 1 g protein, 2% vitamin A, 8% vitamin C, 2% calcium, 2% iron and no sodium. Simply put, an apple weighing 242 g is 7% potassium, 11% carbohydrate and 20% fiber. The apple has a pale yellowish yellow that is crisp and sweet and is recommended for apple base. It has a vibrant, vibrant, vibrant, vibrant color.

Yellow apple is an important fruit and is very useful for human health because it is an excellent source of carotene, protein, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, fat, magnesium, riboflavin, chromium, water, iron, tartaric acid, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin A, thiamine, substances. Minerals are niacin, potassium, vitamin C and manganese.

Review and review of Iranian Yellow Apple

One of the fruits of all seasons is apple

One of the fruits of all seasons is apple that it is found in a few colors yellow green and red in the market. The yellow type presented in this report. Iranian yellow apple a fruit also exported to other countries. Price of Iranian apple for export very very small and suitable so that in the country itself all people can easily afford it.

Iranian yellow apple a fruit that is suitable for the taste of all people. Yellow apple a fruit that used to cater for guests and personal consumption. The price of this fruit is very suitable for people with low-income because they can easily use it. Even in exports this fruit exported far more than other fruits to other countries and it will make Iran’s economy progress.



Yellow apple production in Iranian cities

Apple produced in most Iranian cities. Based on the history of agricultural jihad level apple production has reached 3.7 million tons in Iran which located ranked first in garden products. Varieties of apples produced in Iran divided into three categories: spring-summer and autumn. Iranian yellow apple known in the Iranian market in certain provinces the country’s northwest produced.

According to some sources Iran from the point of view apple production fourth place behind China-America and Netherlands it dedicated. The extensive production of this fruit in Iran has caused to be one of the most stable export products it is possible to produce it in Iran in any region.


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The benefits of yellow apples

The benefits of Iranian yellow apple include:

  1. sweet taste that’s why Asians tend to eat more than Europeans
  2. is late and has long been stored in the warehouse
  3. sliming property due to high fibr content
  4. alzaimers treatment
  5. preserving the teeth and gums with acids found in apples
  6. avoid rising pressure due to high potassium and low sodium
  7. reduce the risk of a heart attack due to antioxidants in the apple
  8. treatment and prevention of asthma with apple juice
  9. treat and reduce pain caused by of arthralgia and gout
  10. reinforcement digestive system
  11. food digestion.The benefits of yellow apples


Packing apples in boxes

In gardens and agricultural land when they bring apples from trees put them in a packing in the box and kept in the warehouse. A few things to keep in mind when packing apples: 1-green packing is environmentally friendly like cardboards boxes.

The carton of apples should have 3 layers of laminate to bear the heavy weight of the fruits and on the way prevent the kicking and crushing. 2-suitable boxes with all types of apple printed on it 3-with suitable packaging we can increase the shelf life of apples. Some boxes of Iranian yellow apple are compact and resistant plastic.Packing apples in boxes


Prices per ton of Iranian yellow apple

The price of Iranian yellow apple the same throughout Iran. And because the product an export a lot of Iranian gardens produced that the weight calculated in tons. Price per ton of this fruit despite the high demand from importing countries always the same.

Each year over 3 million tons of apples produced in Iran and produces. Also a lot so much of this apple exported to other countries. To support this amount of production we should increase the level gardens and agricultural land to produce this product. And keeping the quality always keep price the same so that all people can use it.Prices per ton of Iranian yellow apple


Exports of yellow apple from Iran

The highest exports of Iranian yellow apples to neighboring countries of Iran like is Pakistan-Russia-India-Oman and Qatar and other countries that import fruits. For Iranian merchants this fruit provided that it easy to imaging from supply to product size and fruit health one of the least risky products for export.

One of the good ways for the product promotions for export apply specifications apple eyeball and brand of apple producer on cartoons of apple packaging and to export the United states the upc must enclosed with the package to be identifiable. Another better way to export major and more products is designing great cartoons to make the fruit easier and less time for the requesting country.

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