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Types of golden kiwi for export from Iran

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Golden Kiwi TypesBest golden kiwi in northern IranPick up premature kiwi from the gardenKiwi packing for exportKiwi exports from Iran to buyer's countries
Golden kiwi

Kiwi a fruit native to China which has developed in New Zealand during the 20th century and was named after the kiwi bird which is native to New Zealand. This fruit comes in different types for the export and the most popular one that Iran is also producing for export is the Golden kiwi.

Golden kiwi is one of the varieties of kiwi which can easily distinguished from the other varieties because of the bronze, hairless paper-thin skin. It oval shaped and also smaller than the green kiwi. This variety of kiwi is so popular in the international market because of the flavor it has and Iran is also one of the countries producing and exporting the fruit.

Golden kiwi

Golden Kiwi Types

As kiwis are in different varieties, every variety has also many different types and each type is popular in different parts of the world. One of the varieties is the golden kiwi which is very popular among the consumers. This variety usually comes in a smaller size than the other varieties, but has a great test compared to the other varieties.
Iran is also one of the countries producing and exporting the golden kiwi fruit to the international fruit market. Talesh is one of the northern cities of Iran which has a great share in the production of this fruit in Iran. This variety called as golden because of the yellowish flesh of the fruit.

Golden kiwi

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Best golden kiwi in northern Iran

Northern part of Iran is a very proper place for cultivating and producing kiwi due to the weather conditions. Talesh is one of the first kiwi-producing cities in north of Iran. Iran is exporting the fruit to two very important Asian countries namely Russia and India. The quality of the golden kiwi fruit produced in this city makes it very popular and marketable in the area.
Talesh has very big and great golden kiwi gardens which export the best kiwi fruit in Asia and supply the demand of countries for this fruit. Iran is now well-known for its golden kiwi fruit it produces.

Golden kiwi

Pick up premature kiwi from the garden

In order to import golden kiwi fruit from one country to another we need to pick up the fruit when it is premature. Since the fruit doesn’t have a long shelf life, picking up the fruit when it is unripe or premature. When the distance between the exporting and importing countries is much, the fruit usually ripens on the way.
Therefore, the fruit is ready to provide to the market in ripe or mature form. That’s why the farmers usually pick up the fruit when it is premature. Packing the premature fruit in boxes which let the fruit get ripe is also a very important factor.

Golden kiwi

Kiwi packing for export

For exporting the fruit to other countries, the exporting countries need to pack the fruit in boxes of different weights. The companies need to sort the fruits for better packing them in the boxes. The cooperation of experts in the export companies helps better in packing golden kiwi for export.
Packing the fruit is one of the important factors in exporting the fruit and this should conducted by experts. Also, in order to increase the export ratio of the fruit, the companies should provide it in different forms. Fresh fruit and also the dried form of the fruit the most demanded forms of the fruit.

Golden kiwi

Kiwi exports from Iran to buyer’s countries

Iran, as one of the producers of golden kiwi, is exporting the fruit to some of the countries in the area and countries such as Russia and India are among the first importing countries. The quality of the fruit that the Iranian growers produce, makes it more popular in the market. The exports of the fruit from Iran usually conducted by export companies which find the best market for the product they export.
These companies also help the producers in producing high-quality fruits that can attract the customers. Not only the production but also packing the fruit is of great importance. The producers trust these companies which help them sell their crops in the world fruit market.

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